About this Site…

It took 45 years to create this web page!

The quotes on this site are taken from my workshops and writings, they represent the essence of the wisdom and realizations that have transformed my life and the lives of the many thousands I have shared them with. What I offer you here was first known to my head many years before it became known to my heart.

These quotes are divided into 29 topics, each dealing with a different aspect of life. From the influence of your deep-rooted beliefs to following your dharma/ calling; from the nature of blame to the healing power of compassion and forgiveness; from the feedback your life gives you to the dynamics driving relationships, and to a gamut of other insights, this wisdom will take you to an uncommon level of consciousness.

It is my hope that the wisdom I share will give you insights that might otherwise take long to realize. Accept what took 45 years to ripen in my heart through my study and teaching of great thinkers of both Western and Eastern traditions, the endless hours I have given to reflection on these teachings, and my experience of applying this wisdom in my own life, as my gift to you.

Martin Hausner

  • You Can’t Change the Past

    Your past cannot be changed. But you can change your thoughts right now, and that will change your future.

  • God Forgives You

    If God is willing to excuse us for our weaknesses, unintentional offenses and sins, then who are we to not forgive ourselves? The real sin is to give up on ourselves.

  • Words

    Sweet words can uplift someone more than the best medicine, whereas no weapon can destroy someone as well as harsh words.

  • Benevolent Anger

    Anger is a degrading poison, both to you and to the person who receives your anger. Yet there is another kind of anger, an anger that inspires benevolence. That anger will uplift you and it will end up helping many others. The greatest reforms in the world were inspired by such benevolent anger.

  • Material Attachments

    Material attachments offer us no benefits. They are impediments on our path. They not only keep us further away from God, they motivate us to vie for position, power, and opulence rather than be motivated by a service attitude.