About this Site…

It took 45 years to create this web page!

The quotes on this site are taken from my workshops and writings, they represent the essence of the wisdom and realizations that have transformed my life and the lives of the many thousands I have shared them with. What I offer you here was first known to my head many years before it became known to my heart.

These quotes are divided into 29 topics, each dealing with a different aspect of life. From the influence of your deep-rooted beliefs to following your dharma/ calling; from the nature of blame to the healing power of compassion and forgiveness; from the feedback your life gives you to the dynamics driving relationships, and to a gamut of other insights, this wisdom will take you to an uncommon level of consciousness.

It is my hope that the wisdom I share will give you insights that might otherwise take long to realize. Accept what took 45 years to ripen in my heart through my study and teaching of great thinkers of both Western and Eastern traditions, the endless hours I have given to reflection on these teachings, and my experience of applying this wisdom in my own life, as my gift to you.

Martin Hausner

  • Poverty

    The man of many wants is poor. The man who is satisfied is wealthy.

  • Faith

    Faith is the vehicle which enables us to travel to places the mind and intelligence cannot reach.

  • Character Versus Reputation

    Your character is who you really are. Your reputation is who people think you are. You may get to the top with your reputation, but only character will keep you there.

  • Be the Change

    When a relationship isn’t working, don’t wait for the other person to change, or try to force them to change. You only have control over yourself, so change your own actions, thoughts or attitudes. Through the influence of your change, the relationship will improve.

  • Higher and Lower Self

    Remind yourself that you don’t want or need what your lower self tells you will make you happy. When you find a conditioned response to a situation, remind yourself that this is not the way you want to respond; rather, it is your conditioned nature trying to dominate you. Reinforce, to yourself, the way you would prefer to respond. This will keep you in touch with your spiritual self and with what is most important in your life.