Martin Hausner

In 1969, as a young man searching for answers to the great questions in life, Martin Hausner met a renowned Indian spiritual master (guru),  A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. This meeting changed his life.

Mahatma DasHe became so moved and transformed by this meeting, and by subsequently studying his spiritual master’s teachings (derived from the sacred wisdom of India), that he became convinced that sharing this wisdom was the best service he could offer the world. Thus, at the age of 19 he left his studies of music and philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley, became a monk, and moved into an asrama (a center for dedicated spiritual practitioners).

Shortly after moving into the asrama he received initiation from his spiritual master and was given the name Mahatma, meaning servant of the great souls. At initiation he vowed to meditate two hours daily, be vegetarian, refrain from the use of intoxicants, and maintain sexual chastity – and do all of these for life.

Martin says of meeting his guru, “When I first studied the teachings of my spiritual master, I felt as if I were already familiar – on a subconscious level – with what he was saying. It was as if the knowledge was within my soul and my spiritual master was drawing it out. Yet, at the same time his teachings gave me a new way of seeing myself and the my world, a way in which I could both make better sense of my life and find deep spiritual satisfaction and happiness.”

Today Martin develops and facilitates workshops on spiritual self-development all over the world, working for individuals, organizations and corporations. He also authors numerous articles (several books are in the pipeline) and is a Spiritual Master and Life Coach. He is the  Founder of Sattva, a company that bring higher spiritual awareness to individuals and corporations.

The quotations on this site are taken from Martin’s articles, workshops, and classes. He shows us how sacred wisdom is relevant to daily living by breaking down complex concepts into simple principles and practices that teach us how to think and live more spiritually. His presentation of the sacred wisdom of India is deep, thought provoking, and even life changing, as you will soon discover by reading his wonderful realizations on this site.

The wealth of wisdom and insight contained here reflects 45 years of spiritual practice and teaching, and is uplifting the consciousness of the planet. So please share this site with others.